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    英语作文介绍经典名著范文(推荐14篇)[ 英文作文 ]

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    英语作文介绍经典名著范文 第一篇Dream of Red Mansions, a dream of Red Mansions, is a representative work of Chinese vernacular literatur...


    英语作文介绍经典名著范文 第一篇

    Dream of Red Mansions, a dream of Red Mansions, is a representative work of Chinese vernacular literature and one of China's four classical novels. The novel was written between the Qing Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty, and is the research object of Cao Xueqin. This novel is recognized as the peak of Chinese classical novels.

    This novel is considered to be semi autobiographical and reflects the fate of Cao Cao's family. As the author describes in the first chapter, it aims to commemorate the women he met when he was young: friends, this novel is not only remarkable for its huge character lineup and psychological range, but also makes an accurate and detailed Observation on the typical life and social structure of Chinese aristocrats in the century. The novel was published anonymously, but century red scientists have determined that its author is Cao Xueqin.

    According to the comments written in red ink in many early manuscripts _rouge version_.


    英语作文介绍经典名著范文 第二篇

    - there are so few people who are impressive. Esmeralda represents a beautiful and kind-hearted girl. She not only has a lovely appearance, but also has the purest and kind soul.

    From her hospitality to the poor poet, she has sent warts and feelings to jiazimo who was given to her. However, how kind a girl like an angel is When she lived in the most dirty environment, she was ostracized, ridiculed, played with, abandoned, framed and threatened by the so-called upper class society. Finally, she completely sacrificed the book.

    This book describes such a society and the status of all kinds of people in that social life, which is as numb as Fu Bi, like the rats at the bottom, like nuns hiding in rat holes, crazy vice bishops, and the ugliest clip No one tries to resist. The vice bishop of human nature and clip form a sharp contrast. Like beautiful girls and suffering people, their love is so warm and sincere.

    However, one is to possess and the other is to be possessed and sacrificed. For the purpose of possession, when the goal cannot be realized, they think that destruction is only for the purpose of sacrifice, when they can make sacrifice Hou, they think that destruction is just to destroy themselves. I think this is the real charm of the world famous hosts.

    This can be seen as a story. It reveals some activities in the heart of human beings. At any time, the overall characteristics of human beings always exist.

    They yearn for beauty, pursue beauty, praise beauty. People are a devil's feeling Knot, people's experience is not the same, the society will not allow all people to enjoy the same treatment, such different treatment let many people lose balance, lost the pursuit of a better life, all kinds of dirty plunder, full of our eyes, surging our soul, how can we be a mesoderm civilian, so fat, big belly, maintenance It's about the bearded face, but there's no beard on his lips. His round chin is clean and clear.

    It looks like the biggest feature of his face is that there is no beard on his lips, only the newly shaved bald head, which is connected with two fat jelly like chins, and his behavior is serious, slow and gentle (Chekhov wrote, Anna hanging around the neck).



    英语作文介绍经典名著范文 第三篇

    During the summer vacation, I spent a lot of time reading _journey to the west_, which is one of the four famous Chinese works. It is really a very interesting book. It tells many adventure stories of TV series I have seen before.

    But I found that this book is not only an adventure experience, but also very interesting. We can learn something from the book. We should be brave to ourselves No matter how many difficulties we encounter, teamwork is very important.

    They are the people we can rely on. Trust between people is very important. It can unite people and work together.



    英语作文介绍经典名著范文 第四篇








    英语作文介绍经典名著范文 第五篇





    英语作文介绍经典名著范文 第六篇

    Chinese recipe: Kung Pao diced chicken ingredients: 3 / 4 lb chicken, peeled oyster sauce, 1 / 2 tbsp cooking oil, small dry red pepper, garlic, celery, 1 / 2 diced red sweet pepper, cut into 1 / 2 square inch one ounce bamboo shoots, cut into slices, drain 1 teaspoon corn starch in tbsp water, 1 / 3 cup roasted peanut butter: tbsp Chinese rice wine or dry sherry 1 / 4 cup Chinese black vinegar or vinegar 1 / 4 cup chicken Soup tbsp soy sauce tbsp seafood sauce tbsp sesame oil chili sauce garlic sauce tbsp sugar usage: cut the chicken into 1 inch slices, marinate the chicken with oyster sauce, let stand for minutes, mix the sauce in a wok, heat it over high heat, add a tbsp of oil when it is hot, stir until it has fragrance, add chicken after a few seconds, fry for a few minutes, remove chicken and pepper from the pan, add Add 1 / 2 tbsp oil and stir until fragrant. After a few seconds, add celery, sweet pepper and bamboo shoots and stir fry for 1 / 2 minutes. Put chicken and pepper back into the frying pan and fry for 1 minute.

    Add the sauce. Bring to a boil and add cornstarch solution. Stir until the sauce thickens.

    Add peanuts and stir to the skin.



    英语作文介绍经典名著范文 第七篇

    My hobby is reading. I read story books magazines newspapers and any kind of material that I find interesting. This hobby got started when I was a little boy. I had always wanted my parents to read fairy tales and other stories to me. Soon they got fed up and tired of having to read to me continually. So as soon as I could I learned to read. Soon I could read simple fairy tales and other stories. Now I read just about anything that is available. Reading enables me to learn about so many things that I would otherwise not know. I learned about how people lived in bygone days of magic and mystery. I learned about the wonders of the world space travel human achievements gigantic whales tiny viruses and other fascinating things of our world. Books provide the reader with so much information and facts. They have certainly helped me in my daily life. I am better equipped to cope with living. Otherwise I would go about ignorantly learning things the hard way. So I continue to read. Besides being more informed about the world I also spend my time profitably. It is indeed a good hobby.

    1.《西游记》Pilgrimage to the West; Journey to the West

    2.《三国演义》The Romance of the Three Kingdoms

    3.《红楼梦》A Dream in Red Mansions (The Story of the Stone)

    4.《水浒传》 Heroes of the Marshes; Water Margins

    5.《本草纲目》 Compendium of Materia Medica

    6.《聊斋志异》 Strange Tales of a Lonely Studio

    7.《论语》 Analects of Confucius

    8.《山海经》the Classic of Mountains and Rivers

    9.《围城》 A Surrounded City

    10.《西厢记》 The Romance of West Chamber

    11.《资治通鉴》 History as a Mirror

    12.《史记》 Shi Ji/ Historical Records

    英语作文介绍经典名著范文 第八篇

    Nowadays many classics are being adapted in many ways, which has aroused great concern. In those adapted works, all plots are changed and all characters become somewhat watered down. In addition, some familiar characters in the classics have been distorted. There are many reasons accounting for this phenomenon.

    Among all these reasons, readers’ preference plays a critical role. Moreover, the concept of creativity is prevailing in every aspect. Besides, the improved living standard enables people to pursue and enjoy more choices of entertainments including the adaptations of the classics. All these above reasons contribute to the adaptation of the classics.

    As far as I am concerned, the adaptation of the classics does more harm than good. For one thing, since the classical literature is the representation of the outstanding art of China, the act of adapting may ruin its charm. For another, those adapted works may confuse with history. Therefore, the real classics should be presented on the bookshelves to lead people to appreciate the real art.

    英语作文介绍经典名著范文 第九篇

    I like singing. My friends regard me as a young singer because I have won some awards in the singing contest. I want to be a famous singer when I grow up.

    I want to take music lessons, sing and practice piano every day for at least two hours.



    英语作文介绍经典名著范文 第十篇

    My name is Allen. I'm 14 years old. I'm a high school student.

    I'm in class. I like singing and dancing in my spare time. I'll take dance lessons from a famous teacher.

    When I grow up, I'll learn to play the piano. I want to be a famous singer. I'll try my best.



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    英语作文介绍经典名著范文 第十一篇

    The novel A Dream of Red Mansions was written 200 years ago. During the last 200 years it conquered countless readers. A Dream of Red Mansions is the peak of ancient Chinese novel. It is also a well-known masterpiece in the world of literature. The author Cao Xueqin lived through the reigns of Emperors Kangxi Yongzheng and Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty. At first his family was favoured by the emperor. But later his house was confiscated and his family sank to the rock bottom of the society. Cao Xueqin too turned from a noble scion to an impoverished youth. In his old age he was so poor that the whole family had to live on thin gruel. In the drastic change he experienced the ups and downs in the snobbish world and observed the sharp conflicts between the rich and the poor. He clearly understood the degenerating quality of his feudal aristocratic family. He wrote this immortal novel in the dire straits. Unfortunately he died in poverty and illness before he finished his work. He was still in his forties then. The novel originally entitled The Story of the Stone also known as A Dream of Red Mansions has 80 chapters finished. The rest 40 chapters are believed to have been added by Gao E. An outstanding achievement of A Dream of Red Mansions is that it successfully presents a heart-stirring tragedy a tragedy of the society of the time and of human life. A good part of the novel was assigned to the description of the daily depletion of Family Jia and the final bankruptcy of the influential family that had enjoyed a hundred years' prosperity. This symbolised the decline of the feudal society. Cao Xueqin devotes all his feelings to a number of trampled and destroyed young women whom he admired. Neither daughters of influential families nor maid-servants nor actresses from low origins escaped their tragical fate. The destruction of the beautiful invested the whole book with a grace of tragic. Since Jia Baoyu's birth his family arranged him a path to wealth and fame. But his special life experience turned him into a rebel of the feudal family. The genuine love between him and Daiyu was opposed by his family. At last he chose to go to a monastery. Daiyu was intelligent and gifted. She showed contempt to vulgar feudal scholars and denounced the hypocrisy of those who sought fame by way of writing stereotyped essays. She pursued Baoyu's genuine love but she died in grief. Baochai observed the feudal moral code. To win her parents' favour and to ensure the family's interests she was forced by Jia's mother and Lady Wang into marrying Baoyu. But she did not win love. She became a victim of the arranged marriage. The tragical marriage among Baoyu Daiyu and Baochai is the main thread of the whole novel. Their love story has moved every reader. The greatest achievement of the novel lies in its convincing and vivid characterisation. Of the more than four hundred persons depicted in the novel at least forty are highly individualised. Under Cao Xueqin's pen those persons not only have their special looks but their voices and emotions. The subtle mentality of the characters leaves indelible impression in the reader's mind.

    英语作文介绍经典名著范文 第十二篇

    If I rest, I rust. The meaningful inscriptions found on an old key. If I rest, I rust will be an excellent motto.

    For those who are bothered by a little laziness, even the least fond of cleaning, they can be used to remind people that if one lets his abilities rest, just like the iron in an idle key, they are It will soon show signs of rust and will eventually be unable to complete the required work. Those who want to reach the heights reached and maintained by great men must constantly use their talents, so as to open the door to knowledge, to open the door to profession, science, art and literature, and to keep every part of the human effort of agriculture and industry bright. If Hugh Miller worked all day in the quarry and spent the evening in rest and entertainment, he would never have been able to For the famous geologist and mathematician Edmund Stone, if he put his leisure time in his spare time, he would never publish a mathematical dictionary and never find the key to mathematical science.

    Ferguson, a Scottish boy, let his busy brain sleep on the hillside instead of calculating the position of the stars with a string of beads, he would never become a famous one Famous astronomer. He is not a work of caprice, intermittence or wrong direction, but is faithful, unremitting and daily working towards a purposeful goal. Just as real long-term vigilance is the price of , so is eternal dice the price of excellence and lasting success.




    英语作文介绍经典名著范文 第十三篇

    Money is not everything. There is MasterCard. Love animals.

    Every successful man has a woman. Every unsuccessful man has a woman. Every man should get married.

    After all, happiness is not the only thing in life that smart people will never marry. When they get married, they become another person. Success is a relative term.

    It brings a lot of blind dates. Never put off work until tomorrow. You can put off what you put off today until today.

    Love is light and needs darkness to develop. _Your future depends on your dreams._ so go to sleep. _There should be a better way to start a new day than waking up every morning.




    英语作文介绍经典名著范文 第十四篇

    Edwardmunk is a Norwegian symbolist painter, printmaker and an important pioneer of the most famous works of expressionism Altis. The cry is one of the works in the ribbon of life series. In this series of works, Munk explores the themes of life, love, fear, death and melancholy.

    Like many of his works, he has painted several similar paintings, including Desperation and anxiety, depicting a painful human figure on the blood red skyline, is said to symbolize that the human species is overwhelmed by the attack of survival anxiety. In the background, Oslo, Oslo, Norway, overlooking mount Ekberg.